Yes, you can go on an expedition cruise from the UK. A number of expedition cruise operators offer expedition cruises departing from various ports in the UK. And Hurtigruten offers a full season of expedition cruises from the UK each summer, departing from the port of Dover in the South East of England. Other lines operating are Noble Caledonia, Silversea Expeditions, Aurora Expeditions, Swan Hellenic and Ponant. Here are some destinations and types of cruises you might consider:

  1. British Isles Cruises: Explore the diverse coastlines of the UK, including the Scottish Isles, the Hebrides, Orkney, Shetland, and sometimes even parts of Ireland. These cruises often emphasize wildlife watching, ancient archaeological sites, and local culture. Some lines also offer Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly and even remote and seldom visited places like Lundy Island and Skomer. British Isles cruises are particularly popular with birders and people from UK who may prefer not to fly. Hurtigruten offers many no fly cruises expedition options from Dover.
  2. Arctic and Svalbard Cruises: Some expedition cruises set sail from the UK and journey northward to the Arctic regions, targeting destinations like Svalbard. These cruises provide opportunities to see polar landscapes, glaciers, and wildlife such as polar bears and walruses.
  3. Iceland and Faroe Islands Cruises: Departing from the UK, these cruises explore the North Atlantic, visiting destinations like Iceland with its geothermal wonders, and the rugged and scenic Faroe Islands.
  4. Greenland Cruises: Some expedition cruises travel westwards from the UK to explore the fjords, glaciers, and Inuit communities of Greenland.
  5. European Atlantic Coast: Expedition cruises might also explore parts of the European Atlantic coast, including France, Spain, and Portugal, focusing on both natural and cultural sites.
  6. Norwegian Fjords: While many of these cruises might not be “expedition” in the strictest sense, they often focus on the breathtaking landscapes of Norway’s fjords, offering opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and appreciating the majestic natural surroundings.

When considering an expedition cruise from the UK, it’s a good idea to research various cruise operators to find one that aligns with your interests and preferences. Expedition cruises are typically characterized by their smaller ship size, focus on education and environment, and the inclusion of expert guides or naturalists on board.

As itineraries, departure dates, and ship amenities can vary widely among operators, thorough research and potentially consulting with a travel specialist can ensure you find the best match for your expeditionary aspirations.

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