Pond Inlet, Canadian Arctic

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Getting To Know Pond Inlet, Canadian Arctic – Expedition Cruise Guide


Destination Snapshot

Pond Inlet is a community in Nunavut, Canada, located on Baffin Island. It’s a popular starting or ending point for many Arctic expeditions because of its rich cultural heritage and its proximity to the Northwest Passage, Lancaster Sound, and other stunning natural areas.

Cruises that include Pond Inlet often focus on exploring the Canadian Arctic, rather than Greenland. However, some expedition cruises do traverse both the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Greenland, offering passengers the opportunity to experience both regions’ unique landscapes, wildlife, and cultures.

If you’re considering or interested in a Pond Inlet expedition cruise that also explores Greenland, here are some potential highlights and features:

  1. Wildlife Encounters: Both regions boast an array of unique Arctic wildlife. You may see narwhals, belugas, and bowhead whales in the waters. On land, there’s a chance to spot Arctic foxes, caribou, and even the elusive polar bear.
  2. Inuit Culture: Pond Inlet is home to a predominantly Inuit population. Visiting the community and others like it offers a unique chance to learn about Inuit history, traditions, and modern life. In Greenland, you’ll experience the culture of the Greenlandic Inuit.
  3. Stunning Landscapes: From massive glaciers and icebergs to sweeping tundras and rugged coastlines, the landscapes in both the Canadian Arctic and Greenland are breathtaking.
  4. Historical Sites: The history of Arctic exploration is filled with tales of adventure and sometimes tragedy. Many cruises visit historical sites associated with the quest for the Northwest Passage, like the spots linked to the doomed Franklin Expedition.
  5. Cultural Performances: Some expeditions offer onboard or onshore performances, like throat singing or drum dancing, that immerse passengers in the local culture.
  6. Ice and Glacial Expeditions: In Greenland, you might visit the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where you can witness immense icebergs calving from the glacier and drifting out to sea.
  7. Active Adventures: Many expedition cruises offer opportunities for kayaking, hiking, and Zodiac tours, allowing passengers to actively

Northwest Passage expedition cruises are becoming increasingly popular as they have a strong mix of history and landscapes and wildlife, but also people and culture that you wont find in the Antarctic. However, ice can hamper these cruises so you need to be fully aware of the caveats of atempting Northwest, Northeast of full passages by expedition ship. 



Key highlights of Pond Inlet

  • Sirmilik National Park: Located nearby, this park showcases a range of arctic landscapes, from glaciers and fjords to coastal lowlands. It’s a great place to witness the region’s wildlife and the Northern Lights.
  • Traditional Inuit Culture: Pond Inlet is a place where visitors can gain insights into the way of life of the Inuit. There might be opportunities to watch throat singing, drum dancing, and other traditional practices.
  • Iceberg and Wildlife Viewing: During the warmer months, the waters around Pond Inlet are often dotted with icebergs. Additionally, the area is known for its wildlife, including narwhals, seals, polar bears, and various bird species.
  • Midnight Sun: During summer, the sun doesn’t set for several weeks, offering
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Regular expedition cruise line visitors

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  • Quark Expeditions
  • Hurtigruten
  • Oceanwide Expeditions
  • Aurora Expeditions
  • Poseidon Expeditions





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