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Getting To Know Tasiilaq​ – Expedition Cruise Guide


Destination Snapshot

Tasiilaq, also known as Ammassalik, is a town in southeastern Greenland and is often included as a stop on Arctic expedition cruises that explore the dramatic landscapes and indigenous cultures of Greenland. Here’s what you can generally expect if you’re considering an expedition cruise that includes Tasiilaq:


Destinations and Itineraries

East Greenland: Tasiilaq is one of the larger settlements in East Greenland and is a gateway to exploring the region’s intricate fjords, towering icebergs, and traditional Greenlandic culture.
Scenic Cruising: The journey to Tasiilaq often involves cruising through some of Greenland’s most spectacular fjord systems where passengers can witness calving glaciers and ice-choked waters.
Combination Cruises: Cruises that visit Tasiilaq may also include other Greenlandic communities and natural wonders, as well as potential visits to Iceland, the Canadian Arctic, or Svalbard.



Marine Life: The waters around Tasiilaq are rich in marine life, and you may have the chance to see whales, seals, and seabirds.
On Land: While more challenging to spot, there are also terrestrial animals such as Arctic foxes and muskoxen in the area.



Season: The primary cruising season in Greenland is during the Arctic summer, from June to September, when the ice conditions are most favorable.
Weather: The weather can be unpredictable, and flexibility is necessary as itineraries may change based on ice and weather conditions.
Zodiac Landings: Similar to other expedition cruises, landings are usually made using Zodiac boats to get to shore from the expedition ship.


Vessel Types

Ice-Class Ships: Vessels traveling to Greenland are typically ice-class rated to ensure they can safely navigate through icy waters.
Size: Ships range in size but are generally smaller than typical cruise ships to provide a more intimate experience and the ability to navigate narrower waterways.


Travel Considerations

Preparation: Due to the variable weather, it’s important to pack layers, including waterproof and windproof outerwear.
Environmental Stewardship: Look for cruise operators who emphasize minimizing environmental impact and who support local communities.
Wildlife Guidelines: Responsible cruise operators will enforce strict wildlife viewing guidelines to avoid disturbing the natural behavior of the animals.

Expedition Cruise Hub Note! Expedition cruises to places like Tasiilaq are geared toward adventure travelers seeking to experience the pristine nature and unique cultures of the Arctic. Such cruises offer enriching educational programs and are accompanied by experts, such as naturalists and historians, who provide deep insight into the region’s ecology, geology, and anthropology. Always ensure that you choose a cruise company with a strong reputation for safety and environmental responsibility.




Key highlights of Tasiilaq

Tasiilaq is a popular starting point for tourists interested in exploring the Arctic region.

  • Cultural Interaction: Visiting Tasiilaq provides an opportunity to learn about the Inuit way of life, their history, and modern challenges. You might visit local museums, artisan workshops, and observe traditional kayaking demonstrations.
    Hiking: Guided hikes might be offered to explore the rugged landscape around Tasiilaq, with its steep mountains and valleys.
    Kayaking: Some expedition cruises offer the chance to kayak in the serene waters near the town, surrounded by icebergs.
    Helicopter Tours: Depending on the cruise, there may be opportunities to book a helicopter tour to get a bird’s-eye view of the glaciers and ice caps.
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