Exploris is a French expedition cruise company, established in 2021 by Philippe Videau, who is a co-founder of Ponant. It specializes in offering expedition cruises and focuses on delivering a unique and enriching experience that emphasizes exploration and understanding of the world. The company’s primary ship, Exploris One, was formerly known as the Silver Explorer. This ship was built in 1989, refurbished in 2008 and 2018, and acquired by Exploris in 2021.

Exploris One is tailored for expeditions, featuring 72 all ocean-view cabins and suites, and is equipped for demanding navigation, including a hull certified for ice navigation. The ship has undergone renovations to update its common areas and to align with the company’s vision of providing a comfortable and enriching expedition experience for its 144 guests. The onboard language is exclusively French, and the company’s motto is “Understand, explore and transmit.”

Exploris offers a range of itineraries, including destinations like Antarctica, the Arctic, the Chilean and Norwegian fjords, the Atlantic islands, Brazil, the British Isles, Spitsbergen, Iceland, Greenland, and the Canadian Arctic. The company targets markets in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Québec. It also has a commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility, including a program aimed at young people from the populations visited.

For further details and updates on their cruises and itineraries, you can visit their website at Exploris.

Image courtesy of Exploris Expeditions & Cruises

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